Sunham Kim

Ph.D. Candidate
Purdue University
sunham-kim (at) purdue.edu

About Me

Welcome! I am a Ph.D. candidate in Department of Economics at Purdue University. Vitae

I will be on the 2023-2024 job market and will be attending the UEA 2023 Toronto, Midwest Macro Meetings Fall 2023 Texas and SEA 2023 New Orleans conferences.

Research Interests

Working Papers

  1. Human Capital Production in a Spatial Economy: A Quantitative Assessment of the Decentralized U.S. Education System
    Job Market Paper

    previously titled: A Dynamic Model of Skill Formation and Worker Migration
  2. Care for the China Syndrome: Trade Shock, Sick Workers, and Access to Healthcare
  3. Building Housing: The Allocative Efficiency of Creating New Cities Versus Expanding Existing Cities

    UCLA Ziman Center WP No. 2023-13
  4. School Closure and Educational Inequality: Parental Investment in the Pandemic
    with Hyunjae Kang and Tae Young Kang
    Media Coverage (Korean): The Kyunghyang Shinmun


Instructor, Purdue University

Teaching Assistant, Purdue University

Teaching Assistant, Yonsei University


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